IMH music graduates very marketable

KUCHING: Educators did a survey on the state of higher learning in Asia and found out that there is too great a focus, on imparting a narrow of skills rather than on educating students broadly. Many higher learning institutions emphasise professional education and forget character cultivation. We want to prepare students to work professionally and live soundly.

Colleges in Asia often focused less on the arts and humanities because they felt the pressure to concentrate on the sciences. That is because the global university rankings include measures of scientific research in their calculations.

IMH Academy has successfully nurtured and groomed its tertiary students into professional musicians over the past 10 years. Whether it be in performance, teaching, lecturing, arranging, recording, composing, conducting or band coaching, its students have gone on to complete their Bachelor in Music qualification in style and have proved themselves in their respective career choice.

Many students are now aware of the focus on the sciences which is getting too competitive. They are now making their way to a career in the arts and music is an area with lots of potential. They are now making their way to a career in the arts and music is an area with lots of potential

Students say that it is a choice of their own passion and they know they it is a career they will be happy with for life. Rather than choose careers that are crowded in the market, with no job prospects when they graduate, they know that the Music Industry is still very untapped and there is a lack of expertise in the region, especially in Sarawak.

In the cities of Miri ,Bintulu, Sibu and Limbang, many students are aware that they will have very good future if they graduate as professionals ,as there is hardly any qualified people in the region. Talented and intelligent musicians are rare and hard to come by. Many are musical, but more often than not, they lack the discipline and academic qualifications for leadership skills and positions.

Students who have passed their SPM or STPM with at least credits in English and Grades 7 or 8 in their major instrument, may opt to take the IMH diploma twinning with Australian Universities such as University of Tasmania , University of Southern Queensland or  James Cook University, University of South Wales Prifysgol in Britain and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. Others who do not yet make the required qualifications, may opt to do the foundation year first. There are also options for students who do not have the music qualifications but are already performers in their own fields, to apply for the diploma in collaboration with the University  Malaysia Sabah program. This program only needs  credits in Bahasa Melayu and passes in SPM. Auditions are in progress and students may come in to IMH Academy to be assessed or to discuss their level of intake with the Director of Studies.

IMH graduates in Music are very marketable ,because they are able to do multi tasking in teaching, performing, arranging, music technology, recording, jingle writing etc and many who have graduated with honours, won prizes at the Universities, etc have got jobs that already getting them with good work experience .In the teaching line, students who opt to major in teaching and lecturing, take up education units such as Principles of teaching , Pedagogy and hands on teaching attached to the Junior music school.

For more information, please contact Mdm. Surie at 082-424 658 or drop by at IMH Academy, 2 ½ mile Rock Road.

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