IMH Music House

International Music House

IMH has the reputation for over 40 years in delivering an exciting holistic learning experience for our students professionally at all levels through music. Since then, IMH has been the forerunner in music teaching in Sarawak. Because of the great needs or concerns in awakening the creativity in each individual, IMH aims to provide all-round music education and broaden its students’ horizons whilst cultivating their talents, interest understanding and appreciation of music. IMH believes that quality of life can be improved through music.

Following the successful operations of the main branch at Rock Road, IMH opened a new branch at Tabuan Tranquility Commercial Centre on October 2016 as part of its business expansion programme to provide the public with the best music education in town.

The Benefits of Learning Music

Learning to play a musical instrument:

  • Soothes your emotions and excites your enthusiasm
  • Utilizes most of your senses (see, hear and feel)
  • Improves concentration, memory, coordination and symbol recognition skills
  • Cultivates patience
  • Defines our cultural identity
  • Instills discipline

Additional Activities

IMH cultivates an enjoyable, musically stimulating environment, which helps to mold its students with social disciplines and character.

In addition to normal scheduled lessons, IMH students are the encouraged to join or participate

  • Group Aural Classes (on a weekly basis)
  • Group Theory Classes for grade 5 and above
  • Monthly Musical Evenings
  • Performances and event organized by IMH Academy
  • Music Workshops
  • Master Classes by visiting speaker


  • Library resources for music enrichment purposes – books, cassettes and CDs
  • Music Technology and Recording Studio
  • Auditorium for music presentation and concert


  • Tuning, repair, service and maintenance for all instruments
  • Selling music books, instruments and wide variety of music accessories
  • Recital Hall Rental


JMC and JVC are specially designed for children ages 3 – 6 with the aim of stimulating and cultivating the child’s understanding and appreciation of music. Children who attend these courses will gain:

  • Pitch and Rhythm Skills
  • Keyboard/ violin and Music theory Skills
  • Percussion/ Choir Skills
  • Ensemble Playing Skills
  • Knowledge of Various Musical Instruments
  • Sharpening/ Understanding of one’s EQ abilities
  • Social Skills

The learning of these skills will develop their:

  • Appreciation of Music
  • Body Movements to Music
  • Co-ordination
  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Discipline
  • Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Speed Reading
  • Instincts

The basic musicianship skills acquired from IMH’s JMC/JVC ensures their smooth transition to individual music lessons (e.g. Piano, Violin, Drum) after graduation


FOR THE CHILDREN AGES 3 – 6 YEARS Junior Musicianship Course, Junior Violin Course (Suzuki Method)
KEYBOARD Piano and Keyboard
STRINGS Violin, Viola, Cello
GUITAR Classical, Acoustic, Electric, Bass
VOCAL English
CONDUCTING Choral/ Instrumental
THEORY Theory/ Aural Class