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It all began in 1978 with a new company called International Music House (IMH). The fruit of Miss Geraldine Law’s vision, a specialist music institution was setup to fill the void in the local musical arts scene. With a staff size of only 5, offering piano and string courses, it operated from the ground first floor of a corner shop lot.

In a span of 10 years, being the only specialist music school and due to the huge increase of its student population, IMH expanded to occupy two shop lots and a new branch was setup in Tabuan Jaya. New courses added to the curriculum and later a music library-cum-resource centre was setup. This expansion also prompted the emergence of general musicianship classes which widened the students’ musical horizons. Monthly musical evenings held on its premises and larger scale concerts in auditoriums and theatres were also organized on a regular basis to expose its students to a performance environment.

IMH took another major stride forward in 1990. As an integral part of the quality assurance initiatives, it has regularly invited distinguished foreign music consultants to upgrade and improve the teachers and to ensure that the teaching standards were raised. With the foresight to diversify into orchestral dimensions, brass, woodwind and percussion departments were started. This foresight eventually led to the appointment of International Music House as the sole trainer and provider for the formation of school brass bands to perform in the national level celebration of Sarawak’s 30 years of independence within Malaysia.

To keep up with the ever demanding music industry, constant facilities upgrades were undertaken to complement International Music House’s curriculum upgrades. Its resource centre’s collection of books, CD-ROMS, VCDs, magazines and other relevant teaching materials were constantly added to and improved mainly for teaching purposes. As International Music House is always on the forefront in its drive, mission and vision, recording cum music technology facilities were added.

From the 1990’s International Music House under the helm of Dr. Geraldine Law-Lee has soared to new heights with her intuitive vision. From 1993, IMH made a drastic and bold decision to adopt a totally new setup and vision. The IMH Group of Companies was established and this eventually led to the formation of IMH Academy.

 IMH Group of Companies is comprising many companies:

  • IMH Music House Sdn Bhd
  • IMH Academy
  • Language Specialist House Sdn Bhd
  • Junior Learning House Kindergarten
  • Junior Learning House Childcare Centre
  • Ballet and Dance House


  • To be The Oasis as Centre of The Arts and Education excellence in South East Asia


  • To be the region’s best One-Stop Education Specialist Centre
  • To be the region’s best service provider of Education and the Arts