The Junior Learning House (JLH)

Junior Learning House Kuching

The Junior Learning House (JLH) emphasizes on the development of intellectual, emotional, moral, social and physical of preschoolers and toddlers. A holistic academia curriculum created to align with our aspiration for excellence of young learners’ growth and development. A highly creative environment, equipped with training disciplines. The unique school with main strengths on use of music in mastery of 3 languages with oral communication abilities, mental /  maths and character building through understanding arts and culture. A peaceful holistic and safe environment for the young child. Strength in mastery of languages with excellent reading skills and all children will be speaking well. Character will also be cultivated, and good personalities developed in their years at JLH.



Personal & Social Development

JLH shapes young learners’ character and interaction with people and surroundings, develops their self-confidence and self-control whilst establishing social skills in interacting with other children and adults by educating cultural, moral values and positive attitudes.

Music & Movement

JLH syllabus on music and movement can help young learners’ develop their gross and fine motor skills, create neural connection from their musical experience, improve their balance and coordination, refine their listening skills, learn about cultures around the world, and instill discipline.


JLH believes that preschool years can be one of the most creative times in a child’s life. Whilst your child’s imagination is still developing, JLH facilitates young learners’ creativity through arts, movements, stories and imaginative plays.

Physical Development

JLH promotes healthy and active lifestyle by incorporating exercises favorable to both indoor and outdoor environment contributing to significant changes in physical growth and motor development.

Language & Literacy

JLH provides young learners a strong foundation of language proficiency in English, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin, by nurturing their competency in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The syllabus emphasizes on vocabulary development and communication to enhance their fluency and preparing them for primary level. Oral communication exams with University West London for every child.


JLH enables young learners to have a good grasp of certain math concepts and be able to perform basic math operations, as well as concepts of abacus plus excellent Mental Maths.

Knowledge & Understanding of the World

JLH aims to stimulate young learners’ curiosity about their surroundings and give them practical experiences to increase their understanding of the world. This area of learning incorporates geography, history, science and information technology.

Information Technology

JLH realizes children are so inclined to new technology. Young learners experience hands-on opportunities to explore basic computer concepts and various software programmes.