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Established in 2002, Ethnica aims to foster and gather the expertise and dedication of tutors, student and alumni of IMH Academy, Kuching.

Their extensive repertoire range from classical to the contemporary ones with fusion/cross cultural musical styles evolved from the creativity of the members. Ethica specializes in Sarawakian ethnic tunes and Malaysian traditional tunes. Being versatile musicians, the members also play the Sarawakian and Malaysian traditional instruments, with the accompaniment of symphony orchestra; the prominent identity of Ethnica.

They held their inaugural concert at the National University of Singapore and in 2004 the group was invited for a music exchange trip to Universiti Sains of Penang. They also performed at the opening of the World Music Rainforest Festival in 2003 and 2005 with several performances in international locations such as the Phillipines. Ethnica has also produced their first album entitled “First Collection of Sarawakian Folk Tunes”, compiled and edited by their Music Director, Dr. Geraldine Law-Lee.The formation of the musical group Ethnica under IMH Academy ensures the survival of indigenous Sarawakian songs and music. The activities initiated under this project have been incorporated into the Ethnic Music Department of the IMH Academy to ensure continuity. The establishment of Ethnica, as a group that plays at important functions, also ensures the survival and ongoing promotion of traditional Sarawakian music. The Ethnica group comprises Dayaks, Malays, Chinese and Indian staff and students.

IMH Academy with Ethnica has helped preserve a vital part of Malaysia’s musical heritage, receiving the highly prestigious Prime Minister’s CSR awards by the Prime Minister of Malaysia for their role in promoting culture and heritage.

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